Turkey Stir Fry – High Protein, Complex Carbs

Scott has been gone this weekend camping with the youth. To make up for a weekend of less-than-normal eating, I made a healthy dinner. In Scott’s December issue of Muscle & Fitness magazine, they had several recipes for leftover turkey. Last week, I bought a turkey breast and roasted it in the oven, and froze the leftovers. Tonight I am whipped up the turkey stir fry. This is a great recipe to make this week, because Publix has their Eat Smart veggie packs on sale this week. I used some vegetables I had on hand- broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, scallions, and red cabbage. They also had recipes for turkey curry soup (will be trying this one out too!), turkey egg scramble, turkey salad, and turkey tacos.

* 1 Tbsp. olive or grapeseed oil
* 3 cloves garlic, chopped
* 2 tsp. chopped ginger (buy some & freeze the root to have on hand)
* 1/2 cup sliced yellow onion
* 1/2 cup broccoli florets
* 1/2 cup sugar snap peas
* 1 cup sliced bok choy or cabbage
* 2 cups chopped cooked turkey
* 1/2 cup water
* Juice of 1 lime
* 1/2 tsp. sesame oil
* 2 tsp. or more low-sodium soy sauce, divided
* Hot sauce (optional)
* 1/2 cup bean sprouts
* 6-8 cilantro sprigs
* 1 tsp. black sesame seeds
456 calories
48 g protein
20 g carbs
20 g fat
6 g fiber
0 g sugar
442 mg sodium
(Makes 2 servings)
1/ Heat a large saute pan or wok to medium heat. Add oil, garlic and ginger; cook 2-3 minutes or until golden brown.
2/ Stir in onion, broccoli, peas, bok choy and turkey.
3/ Immediately add water, lime juice, sesame oil and half of soy sauce, and cook until vegetables are bright green. Season with remaining soy sauce and hot sauce or chili flakes if you like more heat.
4/ Garnish with bean sprouts, cilantro and sesame seeds. Serve with brown rice if desired.
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