♫ Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming ♫

Cruise ships offer such a wide variety of physical activities that there is NO excuse for not moving. Whether it is an organized activity provided by the cruise staff, or just an open opportunity to do something on your own, you can find a place to burn off those extra calories that you will be swallowing. Since you were unable to accompany me on my cruise, live vicariously through our high energy moments on and off the ship…

*We took full advantage of the gym. (30+ cardio machines, free weights, nautilus machines, and classes).

The view from my treadmill

I rang the bell!

*I scaled the rock climbing wall high above the ocean blue.

*We prepared for future retirement as I put a beating on my husband in shuffle board (score: 42 to -2)!

*Scott and Dave played a couple of rounds of putt putt.

From one adventure to another!

*The excursion we booked in Cozumel was a ropes course that included two hours worth of zip lines, wall repelling, rope and plank bridge crossing, rock climbing, and snorkeling. (Very fun and exciting!)

30-60 foot towers

The organized activities onboard included dodge ball, basketball, soccer, and volleyball tournaments. (There was also a belly flop competition if you considered that a sport.) Also, take the stairs as much as you can. They definitely offer a great extra little heart-pumping action.

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