Oreo Cookies – A Review of an Alternative

I know that the title of this post is enough to get everyone reading! Oreos are a favorite of so many people. However, they are loaded with sugar (the very first ingredient listed), refined flour, and high fructose corn syrup. On one of my recent trips to Whole Foods, I bought the 365 (Whole Foods Brand) Chocolate Sandwich  Cookies. While it is still  not something that I would feed my children on a daily basis, I don’t mind it as an occasional treat. I must admit that it has been MANY years since I’ve eaten an authentic Oreo cookie, but I must say that the 365 cookies  have that creamy center and crispy cookie just like the original Nabisco favorite. My husband always is the key factor in determining the quality of a food item. When it gets his approval, I know that it is a keeper! While Whole Foods may not be in your neighborhood, you can find other “Oreo alternatives”. Late July, Back to Nature, and Newman’s Own all have Oreo look-alikes. You can find these brands at Publix.

For an extra special treat, my girls and I made “dirt”. It is typically made with pudding and crushed Oreos, but we used Stonyfield Vanilla yogurt, topped with 2 crushed up  365 chocolate sandwich cookies, and one gummy worm (you can get organic gummy products!).

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