Egg Whites in a Flash!

Gaston eats 5 dozen eggs, so he’s roughly the size of a barge. With eggs being a staple in our house, it seems that we see just about that many come and go pretty quickly around here.  Just the other night, I watched my girls consume 3 scrambled eggs and 4 whole grain pancakes topped with cinnamon apples– each! Add my son (2 eggs) and my husband (a dozen, I’m sure of it!), and it dawns on me that we really should raise our own hens. I prefer eat just egg whites though. They are almost a daily staple in my diet. I usually eat them as my second meal of the day and add a piece of fruit to round out my snack. Last week, I emphasized the importance of weight training, and you can’t develop muscle without increasing your protein consumption. This is a quick and easy way to up your protein intake.
My egg white “omelette” station consists of:
  1. My microwave (Much quicker than the stove top when you are in a rush!)
  2. My Princess House glass bowl (perfect size and cooks the eggs without drying them out- Love, love, love this!)
  3. Carton of egg whites
  4. Veggies (fresh, frozen, or leftovers)
  5. Toppings (hummus, cheese, salsa, hot sauce, etc.)
My favorite egg white creation is my Greek “omelette”. I add fresh spinach and about 1 cup of  egg whites to the bowl. I cook it about 1 1/2 – 2 minutes and then top it with hummus, sun-dried tomatoes, and hot sauce.
Some other ideas…
  1. TexMex – peppers, ham, onion, reduced fat shredded cheese, salsa
  2. Italian – basil, tomato, black olive, reduced fat mozzarella  cheese
  3. Seasonal veggie – Whatever veggies are in season topped with Parmesan cheese

Summer Veggie Omelette

Greek Omelette

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