Merry Christmas! (6 Months in Advance)

Six months from today, many of us will be wrapping gifts, stuffing a turkey or making a ham, gathering the family to head to church, and laying out cookies for Santa to eat. Yes, six months from today is Christmas Eve.
Two years ago I began a “Half Way to Christmas” summertime celebration with my kids. On June 25th, we crank up the Christmas carols, read Christmas stories, make a Christmas craft, and have some traditional Christmas foods. Since Scott and I have plans for tomorrow, we moved it up a bit to this past Friday.
As I announced what our plans were for the day, Anna said, “This is the best day ever!” We made Christmas tree and angel sugar cookies, and our dinner was grilled Christmas ham and cheese sandwiches, fresh green beans, and apple, celery, and cranberry salad. We had a living room picnic as we watched “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” and finished the movie with our milk and cookies.

Whether it’s December 25th, June 25th or any other day of the year, it is always time to celebrate the greatest gift ever presented- Jesus, the son of God and Savior of man. So if you do not have any plans for tomorrow, how about switching seasons for the day and sing along with some Christmas carols?

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!

How lovely are your branches!

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