Orange and Blue Together- Just This Once!

If you live in my household, you know that these are the house rules:

  • You may NOT color with an orange and blue crayon

  • If your cup is blue , your siblings cup will NOT be orange

  • Your outfit may NOT consist of just orange and blue- you MUST incorporate another color into the mix

  • A toy that is orange and blue with no other accompanying color(s) will NOT be purchase

I am a Florida State University graduate. I bleed garnet and gold. Therefore, the University of Florida is my arch enemy. To me, a UF lose is just as sweet as an FSU win. So when it comes to this mom, the UF colors are banned from my view- except during summertime when peaches and blueberries are in season.

I truly love the flavors of these two fruits together! This past week I have been mixing these seasonal fruits into my plain Greek yogurt or my 2% cottage cheese. Add a sprinkle of cinnamon, mini chocolate chips, and some granola to make it an extra special treat. Or try them in our favorite french toast bake.


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