Lime Fresh Mexican Grill and Houlihan’s Restaurant Reviews

These past few days, my family and I had the opportunity to take a mini vacay in Orlando. While visiting, we dined at some favorite restaurants and gave two new restaurants a try. The first spot to be reviewed was Lime Fresh Mexican Grill. I noticed this little place sitting just down several shops from Whole Foods on Sand Lake Rd. I looked into it and liked what I discovered on their “About Us” page – “We use the best ingredients available, that’s delivered daily and prepared on-site for all our homemade salsa, sauces and sides. Plus, we really care if you like it. We make your meal however you want it, bring it out to you and bring it back if it’s not perfect. We’re cool like that.”

I ordered the Skinny burrito – a whole wheat tortilla burrito filled with chicken, jack and cheddar cheese, homemade organic fat-free refried beans and shredded lettuce- and topped it with their chipotle salsa straight from the salsa bar (see above picture) – yummy!! It was really not “skinny” and I ended up leaving some of the wrap and just eating the insides. The kids split 3 tacos and one quesadillia, and Scott ordered one taco and the naked burrito- all the burrito fillings in a large bowl with tortilla chips. We also ordered fresh guac to split with our friends, and all this delicious goodness totaled just $38. We loved the food AND the price! Thank you Lime Fresh Mexican Grill for a great family feast!

We also went to another chain, Houlihan’s, on I Drive. They too boast about using fresh ingredients, and they offer a free kid’s meal with a $14 or more entree purchase. When we were seated, the kid’s menu had some healthy facts and tidbits on it so I was content thus far with our choice. The carrot sticks and dressing that were included in their meals were also a plus, as well as the side salad Anna ordered with her mac n cheese. However, when I ordered their meals, the drink selection was either soda, soda, or soda- no milk or 100% juice included. I was a bit perplexed with this, but just ordered them water. For myself I went with the spinach salad with thinly sliced chicken breast, goat cheese, and fresh fruit. While it had great flavor, it was a bit over-priced ($16) for the amount of food I received. Scott’s smoked chicken enchiladas were too rich, and he ended up with a stomach ache even after purposely leaving a good portion of the meal still on his plate. While the restaurant had a few good points, it would not be a place I would return, and I don’t recommend it either. Just another mediocre chain restaurant that is over-priced.

First Watch and Benihana get another round of applause for their wonderful breakfasts and sushi, respectively. I can always count on y’all!


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  1. Kelley Patient

     /  September 5, 2012

    I LOVE Lime Fresh Mexican!! That’s right down the street from my house! What a catch of a place. Cool reviews!


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