Peaches ‘N Cream

I love cottage cheese, and I REALLY love it with peaches! So one of my favorite summertime treats is a peaches ‘n cream parfait. I simply layer cottage cheese (I use 2% Daisy or Friendship brand) with chopped peaches and top with cinnamon and Grape Nuts. If I’m in need of an “on the go” snack, then I place a scant cup of cottage cheese, about a half cup of peaches slices (skin on), cinnamon, and some
almond milk in my blender for a high protein smoothie. I top it once again with some Grape Nuts- Much healthier and more satisfying than Chick-fil-a’s Peach Milkshake! You can replace the cottage cheese with Greek yogurt as well.

Here are some nutritional facts about peaches:

A large peach contains only 70 calories

It has 3g of fiber

It is high in vitamins A and C

It has just under 15g of sugar- less than an apple!

Enjoy this summertime fruit before they are gone- the peach season ends very soon!

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