Amy’s Frozen Pizza for a Pre-Garage Sale Meal

This past Friday night, Scott took the youth group to Universal Studios’ “Rock the Universe”, and the kids and I stayed behind to get ready for Saturday’s garage sale. Since it was just the kids and time was of the essence, I pulled an Amy’s Cheese Pizza out of the freezer and tossed it into the oven. I had picked one up recently when they were on sale at Publix for such a time as this. The pizza was accompanied by fresh raspberries, mini peppers, black olives, and a banana, kiwi, and apple smoothie.The pizza was a hit! The crust was crispy, and the cheese and sauce were tasty. It is made with organic ingredients and has no artificial anything. It is a bit on the smaller side so I would have needed a second one if my husband had been here too. Amy’s also has many flavors of frozen pizza including gluten-free.  This is the kind of product I like to have on hand when I need a quick and no-mess meal. Thank you to Amy’s Kitchen for the awesome products you continually put out!

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