Frozen Three Cheese Lasagna by Saffron Road

20121205-125335.jpg Last Thursday was our “one night break” from Nutcracker rehearsal and Scott’s night to teach the college students at church so it was a just me and the kids for dinner. I had some leftover BBQ pork loin but knew that wouldn’t go far enough to feed my crew, so I reached into my freezer and pulled out Saffron Road Three Cheese Lasagna. I purchased this at Whole Foods when I had a store and a manufacturer’s coupon so it made it cheap! I cooked it in the microwave and divided into thirds for the kids. Now My kids LOVE pork so when they began to forgo the pork for the lasagna, I knew we had a winner! This lasagna has bits of zucchini and eggplant and is gooey and cheesy.

This is a quick and mess-free meal that I don’t mind  feeding to my family when time and energy are lacking. We all have those nights that call for minimal effort, and while I always prefer fresh foods, this will do in a pinch.

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