“Way Better” Nachos

waybetterThursdays are special for the kids and me. Joel and I pick up Grandpa and whatever treat he has made, drive to school, and eat lunch with our girls. I bring lunch with me so I can serve up a cold dish, a warm lunch, or something that requires a microwave. Today I will be bringing Way Better Tortilla Chips and all the toppings that the kids love to make nachos- cheese, chopped spinach, tomatoes, salsa, and “sour cream” (plain greek yogurt with a squirt of lemon juice and salt and pepper).

The Way Better Chips are made with non-gmo sprouted grains (think corn, quinoa, brown rice, chia). The slightly salted crunch of these chips allows you to indulge in your Mexican craving (which I personally have often!) without the high-caloric content of the ones found in your standard restaurants. I have found this brand in Publix in their Greenwise/organic/gluten-free snack section.

As we inch towards the weekend, maybe you can throw some nachos into your menu and allow each person to create their own plate. Then you can know that they are getting an added dose of grains and (hopefully!) a good serving of veggies from the toppings.


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