Busy Mom’s “Gnocchi” with Meatballs

20130613-173002.jpgYou would be hard-pressed to find homemade potato gnocchi (basically an Italian dumpling) around my house. Those little guys are quite time consuming to make, and extra time is not something I have a lot of! So I totally cheated tonight and followed a “recipe” that my mom was telling me about. Evidently, a top-rated Italian restaurant in NYC forgoes the pasta and serves their meatballs and sauce over potatoes. This evening I ditched the pasta, and I had my family eating potatoes (I just boiled them until fork-tender) simmered in tomato sauce and topped with my turkey meatballsFor them, I used regular baking potatoes (even got them to eat my favorite part-  the skins!), but for me, nothing beats a sweet potato, so that was my base for my meatballs as you see pictured above. Plates were cleaned (Except Anna’s – she likes flavors individually not married together. At least her meatballs were enjoyed!) and tummies are now happy.

So, next time you think tomato, don’t forget to think potato!

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