Feeding My Broken Bone

photo(102)So what do I do when I break my wrist roller skating with my girls? I research what my broken bone needs in order to aide in its healing. Here is what I am ensuring is getting into my daily diet over the next 6 weeks and where I can find them:

  • 10-20g of extra protein

  • Calcium (spinach, kale)

  • Vitamin D (mushrooms, eggs, fish oils)

  • Magnesium (spinach, quinoa, pumpkin seeds)

  • Vitamin K  (kale, broccoli, spinach)

  • Vitamin C (yellow peppers, kale, broccoli, kiwi – BTW, these all have more C than oranges!)

I will post my portabello recipe later – my left hand is pooped out!

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  1. Michelle, so sorry to hear this! Hope your healing time is quick and painless.
    V. Slate

  2. I hope you heal quickly, my friend!!

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