Food is Thy Medicine 


This meal of Wild Alaskan Salmon (3 oz), sauteed mushrooms (2 cups before cooking) and broccoli (1 cup) is one I eat every Monday. Due to a certain medication that I am on to treat an on-going eye condition, I need to follow up with 5 mg of pantothenic acid (Vitamin B5) 24 hours after the medicine is taken. While I do not like using medicine to treat the body, I know there comes a time when one has to use it to assist the body in healing. So rather than relying on another lab-produced pill (that was prescribed for me), I did my research and found what foods would give me the amount of B5 that I need. I chose the foods I liked from that list and adjusted the serving sizes to make sure I get what I need. In addition to the 100% of the Daily Recommended Value for B5, it also has the DRV for these vitamins:

  • More than 100% of B12

  • More than 100% of Vitamin D

  • More than 100% of Vitamin C

When you eat a diet high in plants with a small side of a nutrient-rich protein, you are building up the respiratory and nervous system, your muscles and bones, your immunity, and all other processes your body does in order to remain healthy. Go for more green and have a happy body!





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