P90X This AM

Today was my P90X morning. P90X is a program designed by Tony Horton. You can order the whole set which includes 12 DVDs, a nutrition plan, a fitness guide, and more. It is a bit pricey, but worth it if you need a jumpstart and motivation to reach your goal. I actually bought three of the DVDs on eBay (I spent about $25) because I didn’t need the package.  I purchased the Kenpo DVD (boxing), the Plyometrics (lots of jumping- very intense!), and the Cardio (this is a combo of yoga, kenpo, and plyometrics). If you are interested in seeing what this is about, try out the Cardio DVD- it is a good sample of the program. These have been a great alternative to running on cold mornings and also to vary my workouts.

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