Rest for the Weary

This week has been a bit crazy. Both my girls had a 48 hour head cold, my husband has had it for five days, and he had the added responsibility of preaching today. These “events” have thrown many things askew. Today I have been quite tired. While my mind was telling me to go for a run, I heard my body loud and clear, so I rested today- no run, no weights, no workout of any kind. I even to a break from cooking! For dinner, I grabbed my frozen meatballs, threw them in a pot, and put together some meatball subs- minimal assembly and minimal mess! Anna helped pulled out the grapes, blueberries, peppers, and cherry tomatoes, and voila!- dinner was served. I am looking forward to a good night’s rest and some normalcy (whatever that means!) for the upcoming week .

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