Sufficient Motivation, Insufficient Funds

This weekend is the Melbourne and Beaches Music Marathon here on the Space Coast. The marathon and half marathon will take place on Sunday. On Saturday, they  offer a 5K and an 8K race. I was planning on entering the 8K, but money is a bit tight right now and I didn’t think it was very wise to pay the race fee. Since I still wanted to challenge myself, I printed off the race route and ran tomorrow’s race this morning. I wish I could say it was a beautiful morning, but the fog was thick! It was still a great run, and I was pleased with my time. If you want to challenge yourself, you can find a list of races in the Central Florida area at The Running Zone. If you live outside of the area, try finding a running store in your neck of the woods and see if they can help you. Happy racing!

PS – I checked out the results for the race and, with my time, I would have placed 6th in my age group! 🙂

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