Valentine Treats

The next two weeks will be filled with red, pink, and chocolate candy. Tonight, I made my girls this special strawberry parfait. I started with Stonyfield’s strawberry yogurt, then layered it with strawberry sauce, and finally topped it with Cascadian Farms Granola and dried cranberries. The strawberry sauce will actually be the filling that I will be using in Anna’s birthday cake this weekend. It’s super easy and also goes great on top of whole grain waffles or pancakes! Oh, and you must serve these parfaits in a fancy glass. I would love to know what healthy treats you plan on making for your family this Valentine’s Day- so leave a post and share your great idea!

Strawberry Sauce/Filling

1 16oz pkg Frozen Strawberries, thawed

1/4 cup Berry Fruit spread (I use Polaner All Fruit or Cascadian Farm Fruit Spread- any berry flavor will do)

1/4 cup 100% Fruit juice (grape or apple works best)

1 Tablespoon Organic Cornstarch

Stir grape juice and cornstarch together. Set aside. While still in the bag, crush strawberries with your hands. You want the berries broken up a bit, but not completely smashed. Place the berries in a pot over medium-high heat. Add fruit spread and stir together. Add the cornstarch mixture and stir as you slowly bring to a boil. Let boil for about 10 seconds and then remove from heat. Let cool. You can easily freeze this and pull it out when needed.

Makes about 3 cups

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