Easter Eats

When it comes to holidays, we are so quick to turn sugar cookie dough into some symbol of that special day. I have hunted and found fun ideas for healthy holiday snacks that kids can make and enjoy. I made this cute bunny snackwith Aleyah’s class last week. We used a large multigrain water cracker rather than a Ritz. You could also use a mini bagel or english muffin. This idea is actually from another mom’s blog that popped up when I googled ‘bunny snack’.

Bunny snack

Now onto the Easter basket…Okay, so the next 4 weeks is packed full for me. I had to make a trip to Wal Mart (I only go when I ABSOLUTELY have to), and while I was there I decided to do some Easter basket shopping. I came across mini Larabars (about 100 calories each) and was so excited! They are the perfect size for my kids. I also picked up some Annie’s Graham Bunnies, dried cranberries, and the fun-size M&Ms. I will also be putting in some cashews- all my kids love them.  I like to make my kids’ baskets fun but healthy too.

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