A Spring Break Escape

Scott, the kids, and I have enjoyed a long weekend away with his family. It was a chance to just escape, relax, and enjoy the company. Relaxing for me, however, is not sitting around doing nothing (not that I could with three kids anyway!).

Anna on the paddle boat

I like to be out and about and do more of the things that I don’t always have the extra time for. I had the opportunity to get a good couple of country road runs in with my husband, fly kites with the kids, play (a.k.a. chase Joel) on the playground, eat a make-your-own-pancakes breakfast at the Old Spanish Sugar Mill,

Chocolate Chip Pancakes 🙂

Scott and Aleyah sharing some catfish

Joel and Me chowing on swamp cabbage

and even walk around the local catfish festival (Forget the catfish- I feasted on the swamp cabbage!). While we had a great time, it is always nice to return home to your own bed!

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