Fresh Veggie & Fruit Box!

We just picked up our first “small box” of fresh fruit and veggies from Happy Healthy Human over on S. Patrick. What a great deal! For $30 bucks I got…

1/2# red funky beets

-1.5# green cabbage

-1# bunny carrots


-green leaf lettuce

-1 green onion bunch

-caribbean sweet peppers 12oz

-1# baby spinach

-1/2# zucchini

-1 pt grape tomatos

-2 fuji apples

-1 granny smith apple

-2 valencia oranges

-1/2# kiwis

-1 bartlett pear

-2# bananas

They post what’s in the boxes on Fri. or Sat. and then you can e-mail them your order by Monday at 9:00 AM. Then, pick up the box on Tues. from 1:00-7:00. Order one of their smoothies while you’re there- yummy! Not from around this area? Check out for a local co-op.

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