A Reminder to Refocus

This is not what I intended to post today. But as I read this devotional this morning, God snapped my focus back to Him and so I had to share. Scott and I leave on Thursday on a cruise. There are many things to do this week to get all of us ready for our departure. I have meetings lined up, a house that needs tons of TLC after a crazy weekend, dog obedience training :/ , packing for us, packing for the kids, and a 15-20 page paper of Scott’s to review and correct before setting sail- and this on top of the never-ending, everyday stuff (i.e. laundry, meals, dishes, 5 hour long bedtime rituals) My mind is racing with my ‘to do’ list. However, when I read this devotional just awhile ago, God clearly reminded to keep my eyes open, for He has opportunities for me to minister to others this week no matter how busy I am. Having the chance to serve God by loving others is my prayer every night with my girls, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised when He reminds me of the very thing I ask him to do!

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