The Beginning and Ending of My Mother’s Day

Last Wednesday, Aleyah announced (didn’t ask, just strongly stated as she often does) that she wanted to run the art festival 5K with me next time. We are planning on getting in a little practice between now and then, and that began this morning. I started off my Mother’s Day with a half lap (just about 1/2 of a mile) around my neighborhood with Anna. I dropped off Anna and picked up Aleyah to do a full loop (about 1 mile). I was proud of both girls- no whining and just a few, short walking breaks. Their favorite part was jumping over Sunday morning newspapers that had yet to be picked up. My favorite part- the smiles, laughter, and elephant -sounding feet pounding on the pavement.

I ended my day with a wonderful walk with my mom. God has blessed me with a mom that I admire more than anyone. I still long to have her patience, kindness, and strength.

Happy Mother’s Day to all! Back to the grind tomorrow 🙂

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