Slashing Your Chance of Disease

I took Aleyah to the doctor yesterday for her 6-year-old well-child visit. I have never seen anyone so excited about seeing the doctor. When we left, she asked (with eager expectation) when she would be coming back. While I am thankful for her cooperation during the exam, I was even more pleased that her pediatrician was impressed that Aleyah’s only trips to the doctor’s office in the past three years was simply for her yearly visit. She told me that many kindergartners are sick all throughout the year, and she sees some once a month due to sickness. She credited Aleyah’s lack of illness to her healthy eating and activity level.

Aleyah’s diet is high in fiber, and fiber aides in slow digestion and sugar absorption which then lowers one’s risk of diabetes and cancer.

The International Journal of Clinical Practice had researchers look at more than 40 studies concerning exercise and its benefits, and they found that over 25 diseases occur at a much lower rate when regular physical activity is part of an individual’s lifestyle. (breast cancer, colon cancer, depression, heart disease, and hip fractures to name a few.)

While diet and exercise cannot guarantee a disease-free life, you can certainly lower your risk significantly and have a stronger immune system to combat any illness that may come your way.

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