A Couple of Smiles During Bathtime

My girls were taking a shower this evening while I sat tub side as Joel played in the bath. Between verbal commands of “Don’t drink the bath water.” and “Sit on your hiny.”, I was reading (still reading- I have ADD when it comes to completing books) Mile Markers. In her post, “Giving It Up”, my heart smiled as I read Kristin’s concluding sentence on runners: “Our passion to hit the ground running is the very thing that keeps us grounded.” Couldn’t have said it better myself!

Then, I get to “Working It Out” where she writes about other hobbies that she enjoys. One of them she describes as “grocery shopping (with no list, rush, or children, at Whole Foods)”. It was at this point that I burst out laughing to the point that my husband inquired “What’s was so funny?” Now that statement is just as true as the former quote!

I am thankful for these little heart-warming moments in my Saturday evening. These shared passions help me to realize that I am indeed sane.


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