Kid-Friendly Summer Time Treats

As we enter into summer break, we can take the time to have fun in the kitchen with our kids. Here are some great and nutritious eats for our little ones!

1. Rainbow Trifle –

Rainbow Trifle

A simple layering of fruit that is a feast for the eyes and for the tummy! I used strawberries, cantaloupe, banana, green apple, blueberries, and purple grapes.

2. Froggy Snack – I made this “toadally” cute snack with Aleyah’s class. Use two slices of apple held together with peanut butter. Cut a grape in half and

Apple Frog

glue them on with more peanut butter, and then dab a bit more PB on the bottom of each mini chocolate chip and place on top of each grape.

3. Dirt– The traditional kid favorite redone with organic vanilla yogurt, Whole Foods’ 365 chocolate sandwich cookies, and an organic gummy worm.


4.Bunny Face Cracker – This snack is another creative way to turn a favorite critter into a an edible treat! The idea came from a blog titled Blue Eyed Blessings.

5. Breakfast Cookies– What kid doesn’t like to bake and eat cookies?! This is our trusty go-to recipe.


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