Hunger Pangs, Physical and Spiritual

Scott has been gone for almost a week, and so my running schedule has not been what it usually is. Because I am behind on my runs, I have not had much of an appetite. I love having that stomach-growling type of hunger, and needed to get that feeling back. Thankfully, my mom sacrificed her Tuesday evening so I could get out and sneak in a run and meet with my book club. I came home hungry and had my usual greek yogurt with granola, raisins, and mini chocolate chips!

As I was doing my hill work, I was thinking about the parallel between physical hunger and spiritual hunger. Watermark has a song titled, “ Still “, and the opening line is, “The more I get alone the more I see I need to get alone more.” Isn’t this so true when it comes to our relationship with Jesus? When we flex our spiritual muscles, when we carve out time to meet with our Creator, we hunger for more of God. When we get out of the habit of meeting with the Lord, then we break fellowship with Him, and our hunger for seeking Him subsides. Just as physical activity creates hunger within our physical bodies, so spiritual activity creates hunger within our spirit. May our hunger pangs for the Lord never be quenched!

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled. Matthew 5:6

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