Coupons are Hard to Come By

While buying organic, all natural, or whole and clean foods is what I strive to purchase, they do  tend to be higher in price. Here are some of the websites I use to find deals and coupons for my favorite foods… This site offers many coupons and tips and articles for organic items. They also specialize in gluten-free diets. Match these up with Whole Foods coupons for double the savings! -One of my favorite sites, just  ‘Like’ this blog on FB and get posts whenever deals/coupons for organic items become available. – A site that has links to multiple organic sites/companies– I am very loyal to Kashi, We have a date every morning as I savor my quiet breakfast. Sometimes they provide coupons and/or free samples for their products. Right now on you can use zip code 34655 to get three coupons for Kashi items!– They always have coupons for some of their products. – You can find coupons for most of their products, and their points reward system (codes printed on their products) has earned me many free pints of greek yogurt and organic cereal! – Target has many coupons on their site, and you can often find coupons for organic or all-natural items. Pair these with manufacturer’s coupons for an even better savings. – This site allows you to earn points through various ways (from participating products, taking “quizzes”, etc.) and then using those point to buy coupons.

Amazon Subscribe & Save – Use this service of Amazon’s to get really good deals on your favorite healthy items. This automatically sends you your item at whatever interval you set up, and it gives you an additional savings too! I use this to get our favorite peanut butter from Peanut Butter & Co.
If you have any other recommended sites that offer coupons/deals for items pertaining to a healthy lifestyle, please leave a comment so we can all enjoy!

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