Signs You are a Marathon Runner

You know you’re training for a marathon when…

  • You have tan lines defined by a sports bra rather than a bikini top
  • Your iPhone arm strap must be washed on a weekly basis
  • You hear your kids say, “Mommy, you’re stinky,” several time a week
  • You’ve peed in the great outdoors
  • You can out eat your husband
  • You’re dog could run the race with you
  • You’ve seen 2 full phases of the moon during your morning runs and will see 2 more before race day
  • You wash your running clothes on the hottest setting
  • You walk around your house with a bag of frozen vegetables strapped to various body parts
  • Your scent of choice is eau de Tiger Balm
  • You’re very thankful for the sacrifice your family has made for you to reach your goal 🙂

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