“In a Flash” Breakfasts

Whether getting ready for work or school, we are all in a hurry to get out the door to get to where we need to be. And since breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it is important to have healthy and quick options for those rushed mornings. Breakfast needs to be a balance of lean protein, complex carbs, and a bit of healthy fat to get the body moving and the brain thinking. Oh, and don’t forget the coffee- just leave out the fancy creamers and loads of sugar!

Breakfast cookies – I like to use the chickpea flour as opposed to the whole wheat flour because it is higher in protein. A good way to stay full longer!

Energy Bars– I love these and like to double the recipe and still use the 9×13 pan it calls for. It makes for a thicker bar that stays together better and is easy to grab-and-go. Cut the cooled bars, store in the fridge for a week, or wrap and freeze as needed.

Banana or Pumpkin Muffins– Once again, I use the chickpea flour for higher protein content.

Frittata Muffins– I love this recipe! I usually make this in a pie pan with half eggs and half egg whites, and almond milk rather than whole milk. Pouring the batter into a regular muffin pan makes the perfect size breakfast. These can be individually wrapped and frozen and popped into the microwave in the morning. Serve with a piece of fruit or a handful of cherry tomatoes for the perfect protein, complex carb, and fat ratio.

French Toast Casserole– Make this for dinner one night or for a weekend breakfast. After enjoying it, allow the remaining casserole to cool and then cut it into single servings. Individually wrap, freeze, and defrost in fridge overnight or place straight from the freezer to the microwave. We like to melt a bit of peanut butter and drizzle over it in addition to pure maple syrup or in place of it.

Cocoa Banana PB Smoothie – Use can omit the brown rice protein powder and still get a good ratio of protein, carbs, and good fats. I like to make mine thick enough to eat with a spoon so that’s why I prefer a frozen banana.

Chewy Date Bars – These also use the brown rice protein powder. I normally do not let my kids have protein powder, but this is all-natural and I am happy to give it to them. Make a large batch, freeze individually, and pull out as needed.

“Rice Krispie” Treats – Thinking outside the cereal box!  Choose whatever dried fruit that floats your boat! With the peanut butter, the puffed brown rice, and the dried fruit, you have a great start to the day.

Spiced Chex Mix – I love the fall flavor of this mix! Add some walnuts or almonds to make this a well-balanced mini-meal.

Chicks in a Blanket – Ask for a whole grain bread dough at your local supermarket (my Publix had whole wheat pizza dough out the other day). Roll out the desired number of 3” circles (1 circle per sausage link). Place one all-natural chicken sausage link in the center of the dough, pull sides up and pinch together, and bake at 350 for about 10-12 minutes. Let them cool, then individually wrap, freeze. Defrost in fridge overnight or straight from the freezer to the microwave.

Sweet Hummus and Banana Wrap – Spread one of my sweet hummuses on a whole grain wrap, top with one half of a banana, sliced, and 1 tablespoon chopped walnuts. Tuck in ends, wrap up, and warm for 10-15 seconds in the microwave and enjoy! Add a scattering of mini chocolate chips inside and enjoy even more!

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