The “Tricks of the Trade” for Halloween Bags

We already have a couple of pounds of Halloween candy in the kids’ trick-or-treat bags. Thankfully, they like to organize it more than they like to eat it! When you begin to rummage through those trick-or-treats totes, it’s great to have a plan in place to work off those extra calories that are quickly ingested, but not-so-quickly burned off. So, here is a “trick” to keeping those scary pounds off during Halloween:

Candy Calories Minutes Walking*
Smarties- 1 roll 25 7
1 Hershey’s miniature 42 11
Blow Pop 60 15
Snickers Fun Size 72 18
M&Ms Fun Size 90 23
Candy Corn (22 pieces) 165 41
Reese’s PB Cup 210 53

*For a 130 lb woman at a 3mph pace

How about trading some of those traditional treats for new ones? One of my favorite sites, Organic Deals, posted some great organic swap-outs for your conventional Halloween staples. My kids love the Yummy Earth Organic Lollipops and Annie’s Organic Gummy Snacks!

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