Eating For Fuel and Satisfaction

Food’s primary purpose is to fuel the body. It has taken me YEARS to retrain my brain to think of it in this way. It used to be just an indulgence for me, and I would look forward to treating my taste buds rather than treating my body. Now my body is being super-charged AND I savor and enjoy every bite! Here are some tips for helping you keep your eating and body-fueling heading down the nutritious path:

  1. Use a smaller plate. I typically use a salad plate for my protein and carb portions and then use a salad bowl for my veggies.
  2. Use a big fork. According to a University of Utah in Salt Lake City study, taking bigger bites by using a large fork creates the perception of making a large dent in your meal and thus causes you to stop eating sooner. They estimate that this reduces food intake by 10-12%.
  3. Eat mini meals. Eating 6 or so mini meals throughout the day keeps you from overeating by curbing your hunger. When you skip a meal or eat inadequately, you approach your next meal with a growling tummy, and you are very likely to eat quickly and eat too much.
  4. Plan your eating. Always have healthy snacks on hand to help keep hunger pangs at bay. Plan on having snacks (trail mix, melt-free granola/snack bars, nuts) in your car, at the office, in your purse, or wherever they are needed so you are not tempted to grab fast food, visit the vending machine, or stop by 7 Eleven. My meal planning also includes cooking enough so I have leftovers for the next day or so. Check out my “In a Flash” breakfast ideas for mini-meals that are freezable or quickly assembled and are great any time of the day. Also, there are now many all-natural freezer selections that are handy on those super-busy days.
  5.  Do NOT give into “deals”. Just because something is advertised (i.e. A Quarter Pounder for just  $1 with any value meal purchase), you have a coupon, or it is on sale, do NOT buy it if you normally would not include it in your diet. A deal is not a deal if you don’t need it! (I tell that to my husband when he goes to buy another pair of Nikes or another t-shirt. Who needs 75 tees?!)

Just as you have your work day planned so you can have the most productive day possible, your meals and eating should be planned so you can have a purposely well-fueled body.

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