Fun and Fit Halloween Treats

Apple Bites – made with apples and slivered almonds

Owl Sandwich – made with whole wheat bread, peanut butter and cheese

Pumpkin Cheeseball – Use 2% and reduced-fat cheese to lighten this fun, fall centerpiece

Dirt -My version is made with organic yogurt, Whole Foods chocolate cream cookies, and orgainc gummies.

Spider Web Pizza – Use a whole wheat crust and replace the suggested alfredo with some seasoned ricotta (salt, pepper, and garlic), place ricotta in a ziploc, snip of a corner, and pipe onto pizza

Pumpkin English Muffin – made with leftover cheeseball mixture, whole grain english muffin (or bagel or rice cake), and raisins or black olives

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  1. Loving these, thanks for sharing!


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