A Runner’s Pulse, But a Dancer’s Heart

The nurse at the doctor’s office this past week said that I had a runner’s pulse. While I am proud of my running career, I must say that dancing is my first love . I took 8 years of ballet and jazz, and after a 20 year hiatus, I have the opportunity to join my girls in the production of The Nutcracker. Today was our first practice and a mix of anxiety and excitement followed me to the dance floor. I enjoyed each and every moment, and I don’t think that I stopped smiling during that 1 and a half hour period!
If time and money were no object, ballet would be my first choice for physical activity. Maybe one day when my kids are all in school, I will seize the chance to once again find my place at the barre. I wonder how many of us are anxious about returning to a sport we once loved, or fearful of trying something that we’ve always dreamed of one day doing…

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