A Little R&R for Mr. and Mrs. Claus

Scott and I just returned today from a 3-day mini vacation in Orlando WITHOUT the kids! It was a much needed respite after a long and busy fall. We try to get away as a couple at least once a year, and it is always worth the effort and money it takes to get out of town. This particular trip was a birthday present for me funded in part by my mom and in-laws. They also split the duty of caring for the three kids so, needless to say, we are thankful that God has blessed us with wonderful parents who are even more wonderful grandparents!

Another added bonus for us was the free meals that we had thanks to the generosity of restaurants that offer birthday greetings in the form of BOGO lunches and dinners! Here are the establishments that made our getaway delicious and inexpensive:

Sweet Tomatoes – I love making my own salad from their array of fresh vegetables and I had their tomato and spinach soup as well. Join “Club Veg” for their coupons.

Texas de Brazil – This was really one for my husband. I love their exotic salad bar, but I can only eat so much meat at this all-you-can-eat Brazilian-style steakhouse, so it is really a man’s place to go at that price. But with my free meal, it was worth the experience. The garlic-roasted sirloin was outstanding! (BTW- I just learned that sirloin is leaner than filet and has an extra 2 grams of protein per serving- a cheaper cut with better numbers!) Click on their site and join their “Rewards” program for the perks.

Maggiano’s Italian – This was our first time here, and is now one of my favorite spots. I had the Grilled Chicken Caprese Salad which I will be replicating here at home! Sign up to receive their e-mails and get $10 off a $30 purchase.

Benihana – Ahhhhh, sushi! I got the Spicy Tuna Roll, the Vegetable Roll, and the Rainbow Roll (all with brown rice) for FREE! I’m thinking this was my favorite meal… Click on “The Chef’s Table” to get the BOGO birthday deal.

First Watch – I love their Healthy Turkey Breakfast- an egg white omelet with turkey, feta, spinach, onions and tomatoes and served with fresh tomato slices and an english muffin. Order coffee, and they bring you a whole carafe 🙂 Join the Sun-e Club for discounts throughout the year.

While I enjoyed a brief getaway, I also enjoyed coming home to shouts of “Mommy!” and having the opportunity to tuck all three of my precious children into their beds on this cool night. These moments will be missed one day. I need to do a better job of relishing these times with the children that God has entrusted into our care.

How great is your goodness, which you have stored up for those who fear you, which you bestow in the sight of men on those who take refuge in you. Psalm 31:19

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