Sneaking in Chia Seeds

Last month, I made my “top 10” list of foods that I eat daily (or almost daily). One of the items on my list, chia seeds, are a new addition to my diet. I mainly add them to my shakes, but sometimes they top my granola and Greek yogurt. I have begun to “sneak” them into my kids’ sandwiches by spreading a little onto their PB & Js. I buy the seedless all-fruit spread, and simply add the chia seeds to the jam when I am spreading it on the bread. Voila- Omega-3 fats slathered onto their favorite lunch box staple!

You can actually make some chia seed jam since those tiny, little guys are a natural thickening agent. Check out one of my favorite fellow bloggers at The Gracious Pantry for her Strawberry Chia Seed Spread recipe.

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