Sacrifice to Savor

Sacrifice to Savor- that is my motto when it comes to eating a special treat.

As we approach Valentine’s Day, we are surround by candy, chocolate, cakes, and other goodies. When these sweets are so readily available, we often eat them without much thought as to what we are putting into our mouths and ultimately into our bodies. Even during a typical day, sometimes we are in the habit of eating those 2 cookies after lunch, and then we really don’t enjoy them- we just pop them into our mouth, chew, and swallow.

One of my favorite desserts is tiramisu. If I ate it everyday or even once a week, it would no longer be treat- it would be a habit. So when I have the opportunity to partake of this coffee creation (or any of my favorite desserts), I make sure to savor every bite! I “sacrifice” many other treats so I can truly enjoy the moment.  I don’t want my tiramisu to become ordinary- I want it to always be extraordinary!

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