200 Miles

No, this is not an ultra run distance for which I am training (although, some people are crazy enough to do so!). This is a mind-boggling fact that Scott read in his textbook for his seminary class, The Health and Well-being of the Minister. Here is the actual stat:

If you have too high a percentage of body fat, that converts into too many additional pounds. Each extra pound of body fat contains an additional 200 miles of blood vessels and capillaries. That translates into extra work for your heart.

So here is the challenge:

Rather than your heart working hard to feed those extra 200 miles of blood vessels and capillaries, how about making it stronger by:

  • walking or running 2 miles
  • completing a 20-minute toning circuit
  • Spending $20 a month on a gym membership (and actually using it!)

As we celebrate American Heart Month, give your heart the gift of strength and get moving!

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