Staying Motivated Once You Get Motivated

Staying Motivated Once You Get Motivated

Yesterday, I blogged about getting motivated to move. Now here is how to stay motivated once you are indeed moving…

  1. Do Something You Enjoy– Find something you want to do and look forward to doing.
  2. Be Friendly– Find a workout buddy. The accountability will ensure that you stick to your workouts.
  3. Rock Out– A recent study in the Journal of Science and Medicine In Sport showed that triathletes who listened to tunes were able to go almost 20% longer than those who trained without music.
  4. Set Attainable Goals– Make sure your goals are realistic and results will be seen fairly quickly. Shoot for losing weight in small increments. Strive to add a 2 minute run to your existing walk, or add 5 minutes of running to  your established route.
  5. Schedule It – Just like you make a date with your spouse/significant other or a friend, make a date with yourself to complete your workout. Then you can be a better spouse, friend, and parent.
  6. Support A Cause– The youth girls and I are participating in Pregnancy Resources Walk-a-thon on March 17th. (Click and pledge your support!) My friend, Sara, just completed a 5 mile race last weekend for Be Her Freedom– a ministry that promotes awareness and is counteracting the human trafficking that exists in our world today. Find a cause, make a commitment to walk, run, bike, or whatever it may be, and exercise for a greater purpose!
  7. Reward Yourself– Buy a new workout outfit, get a massage, or treat yourself to a healthy meal- do something to celebrate your successes!
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