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Aleyah only had a half day at school today, so we decided to keep everyone at home for the day and take a trip to the new Publix Greenwise Market that opened over the weekend. This new breed of Publix stores caters to those who are seeking more organic and all-natural products. This store has all the traditional/conventional products found in a typical Publix, but just has a much larger selection of the “greenwise”-type groceries, a cafe, and a salad and hot bar to name a few extras.

Today, Scott did some shopping for the youth camping trip this upcoming spring break weekend, The contents of my cart, however, varied quite a bit from Scott’s cart. Because of the grand opening, Publix had some great deals. I picked up some new items that we are looking forward to trying. They include:

But the best part of my day was that we were never in a rush to get somewhere. We took our time, played, did art projects, and even cleaned together. Our “mental health day” was a success in many ways!

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