Snacking on Rabbit Food

When I am not very hungry, but it’s been awhile since I’ve eaten, and I know it will be awhile before I eat again, this is one of the snacks I like to have.

Light Lettuce wraps

2 leaves of romaine

A few red pepper slices

A few baby carrots

A sprinkling of feta cheese (or a dollop of hummus)

A drizzle of balsamic vinaigrette

I fold over the leafy ends like you would do for a burrito, and then I begin eating at the crunchy end. Fill with whatever veggies float your boat!

This quick and handy snack gives me some extra veggies for the day and, with that, I get just enough complex carbs and a little fat and protein to tide me over. Doing this keeps me from over eating when I do finally get to sit down for a meal, and it also keeps my metabolism at a steady rate.

Click here and check out some Easter basket snack ideas for filling your kids’ Eater baskets.

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