8.5 lbs and Counting!

Last week, I received an e-mail from a friend with some exciting news- she has lost 8.5 lbs! A few months ago, she had asked me for some practical tips on how to shed some extra weight. I was happy to share! Here are the changes she made to help her in her journey to be healthier (and also her journey to a whole new wardrobe 🙂 )…

  • Eating more fruits and veggies (my #1 piece of advice!)

  • Adding Greek yogurt and cottage cheese to her diet for extra protein

  • Satisfying her sweet cravings by making breakfast cookies or a green smoothie

  • No longer buying packaged snacks- bye, bye crackers or granola bars!

  • Limiting portions

  • Eating every 3 hours or so

  • Trying to be more active each day.

  • Meeting up with friends a few times a week to walk/run a 3 mile loop

  • Incorporating strength training and abs

  • Trying to eat out less, and when she does, looking up the nutritional values before going and then usually ordering fish or a salad

I love what she wrote to me at the end of her e-mail…

“I feel like I’ve found some lasting lifestyle changes.”

Choosing health is all about making changes in your everyday life. Those changes are gradual and simple enough to incorporate without feeling overwhelmed and then loving the results that come along with them.

Thanks for sharing my friend! You will inspire someone else to make similar changes!

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