A Farmer’s Market and A Pirate’s Ship

Today I took the kids to the local farmer’s market with the intent of allowing them to choose which fruits and veggies to buy to enjoy with  our lunch and for the next few days. Aleyah picked out pickling cucumbers and a pineapple. Anna chose a mango and yellow squash, while Joel wanted apples (so adventurous!).

After our hot stroll through the market, we walked down to the river to the pirate ship that has been docked there. Despite the fact that we were beginning to smell like pirates due to sweat dripping from our bodies, Joel didn’t want to leave.

Home was a welcomed respite from the heat, and the kids enjoyed their PB & J and PB & honey sandwiches along  with their farmer’s market picks of fresh mango, cucumbers, and apple slices. A great finish to a fun morning!


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  1. What a fun morning!


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