Kids in School, Date with Husband

Today was the first time in 7 years that all the children in our household were in school. Joel went to preschool for the first time, Anna entered kindergarten, and Aleyah, the pro, started her second grade year. So what’s a mom to do with a little extra time? Date my husband! After Scott and I walked Joel into his class and took the necessary pictures, we hit the beach for a soft sand run. Inspired by the physiques of the Olympic beach volleyball players, we set off on a 30 minute run through the dry, loose sand. It was a tough workout but a welcomed changes from the ordinary plodding of the pavement. And when my ultra-competitive husband states, “It’s all about completing the run,” what he really means is “Slow down Michele because you’re kicking my butt!”. 🙂 Nonetheless, he survived and we enjoyed our time together and plan on making it a weekly ritual. But the alone time was short-lived as I rushed to the store, celebrated Joel’s birthday in his class, picked up Anna, made hummus, picked up Aleyah, spent 2 hours at ballet, and drove off to church for an hour and a half before heading home and tucking in over-tired kids. All the more reason to treasure the moments that Scott and I have together!




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