Show Some Love to Teachers and Moms!

Next week is National Teacher Appreciation Week which leads right into Mother’s Day on May 11th. If you are looking for a delicious gift for teachers and/or moms, I am offering my hummus gift sets once again!


For $10, you will receive your choice of hummus in a mason jar, topped with either a bag of all-natural graham crackers or an apple, and tied up with festive bows. If you are interested in placing an order, please email me at:

OR call 321-427-5217

Please give 48 hours notice before date needed. Pick-up/delivery* will be scheduled at this time. I can bring them to the Farmer’s Markets as well.

Thank you for your loyalty and for recommending my hummus to family and friends! I appreciate everyone who has helped me in this small business journey!

*Delivery fee may apply

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