Unfortunately, You Can Outrun Your Child


In a recent study, researchers discovered that today the average time it takes for a young person (ages 9-17) to run one mile has increased by 90 seconds from their counterparts of 30 years ago.  Why? Only one-third of children over age 6 get the recommended one hour of physical activity a day. Their parents are more sedentary than ever, and so set a poor example. Let’s take this upcoming Thanksgiving break and use it as a time to play with our kids!

  1. Play football.

  2. Play soccer.

  3. Shoot some hoops.

  4. Walk on the beach (I love Florida!)

  5. Have a hula hoop contest.

  6. Throw the Frisbee.

  7. Dance to Christmas carols.

  8. Take the dog to the park.

  9. Play “peg the peanut” (tag with a ball- no aiming at the head!)

  10. Fly a kite on a windy day.

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  1. so scary how true this is


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