New! Nut-free Sweet Hummus

During my farmer’s market days, I have run into many people who have various allergies. While my product is ideal for those with wheat, dairy, and soy allergies, it is not so for those with nut allergies. I had two individuals that are able to eat seeds, so I now can substitute sunflower seed butter for the almond butter or peanut butter in the cinnamon raisin, spiced fig, and chocolate peanut butter hummus. My husband gave it a try and declared that he actually liked it better! (he is a sunflower seed lover thanks to countless innings of baseball and softball) The only downside is that those made with the sunbutter will have an increase in price to $7.50 due to the cost of ingredients and it being a specially made item. If you are interested in purchasing some, please let me know!

Hold Tight! Work in Progress


I will be at the Melbourne Beach Farmer’s Market this Saturday, the 9th from 9:00-3:00. Come by and see me because my product will be on a one week hiatus as I switch commercial kitchens and wait for permits to be completed. (Love that government intervention!) In fact, if you go to Downtown Produce or The Green Turtle, the shelves are bare 😦

There are many highs and lows of running a small business. It’s been a crazy week or so, and I am excited about the changes that will help my product reach a larger client base. My goal is to continue to use my product as a way to promote healthy and natural eating. This was once again brought to the forefront of my mind as I witnessed the unhealthy eating habits of our children when I went along for my second grader’s field trip this past Tuesday. Oh how I would love to provide a nutritious meal for each and every one of those children!

Please bear with me as I make changes and please keep telling your friends and family about my sweet hummus. Word of mouth is the best publicity ever!


It’s Top Priority!

The above package just left Melbourne, FL and is heading to our nation’s capital. On Wednesday, the Chocolate Peanut Butter, Coconut Lime, and Spiced Fig Hummus will be arriving in the DC area. I’m getting the hang of this shipping thing which is good since the requests have steadily increased over the past couple of months. So if you’d like to jump on the bandwagon, let me know and you too can enjoy a bit of sweet hummus to warm up your winter day.

Followers…Close to 200 here and 100 (likes) on FB!


It’s a race! I am at 183 followers on my blog and 88 “likes” on Whole to the Core’s FB page! I’m wondering which will happen first…

  1. 200 followers on my blog    OR

  2. 100 likes on FB

Whichever one wins, I’ll be happy 🙂 So, in order to make my weekend an extra-happy one, spread the word and invite friends to follow and like!

Thank you!!

National Almond Day – February 16th

almond tree

Saturday is National Almond Day. This pointed nut deserves its own day since it serves up a nutritional punch! Here are some of its benefits:

  • High in monounsaturated fats to help promote heart health

  • High in fiber – According to, dietary fiber not only keeps your digestive system running smoothly but also helps lower cholesterol and stabilizes blood sugar

  • High in protein – Along with their significant amount of fiber, the protein in almonds helps control hunger

  • High in manganese, copper and riboflavin to help in energy production

Since my hummus is made with crushed almonds or almond butter, you are getting these benefits as well as many others from the remaining natural ingredients that I use to make a sweet treat healthy.

A Sweet Hummus Saturday


If you live along the Space Coast, you can hop over to the Melbourne Beach Farmer’s Market this Saturday morning to grab a sample and buy a container or two of hummus. Then drive up A1A, take a left onto Eau Gallie Blvd. and head to The Green Turtle. I will be there from 1:00-5:00 for their grand re-opening to show off the newly renovated store. Or you can go to Flavors Market where all the foodies that make up this great little storefront and cafe will be handing out samples. And then there is always product stocked at Downtown Produce as well. And the best part of it all?

My new Chocolate Peanut Butter Hummus will be on the shelves at all of the above locations!

Pair this hummus with strawberries, banana slices, pretzels, or whatever else tickles your fancy for a guilt-free Valentine treat!

Super Bowl vs Thanksgiving



Super Bowl Sunday runs a close 2nd, just behind Thanksgiving, when it comes to calorie consumption.

Enjoy the big game without all those extra, empty, and fatty calories and swing by Downtown Produce to purchase some hummus and make a delicious sweet hummus snack tray.

Grand Opening with Yummy Treats!


This Friday and Saturday, from 12:00 – 3:00, you can stop in at Flavors Market (7025 Industrial Rd, West Melbourne – one block south of Ellis Rd on Wickham)  for delicious samples from Whole to the  Core Sweet Hummus, The Bald Strawberry (Gluten-free), Baked on the Beach, Aldendorf Chocolates, and Moluna Cuban Delights. Come check us out, see what we have to offer, and receive coupons for future purchases!

Local Food on the Space Coast


Come by Flavors Market (7025 Industrial Dr., W. Melbourne) to purchase Sweet Hummus and many other delicious homemade goodies:

Downtown Melbourne Farmer’s Market – Here I Come!

farmers'This Saturday, January 12th, Whole to the Core Sweet Hummus will be at the Downtown Melbourne Farmer’s Market from 9:00 AM until I sell out! Come by and see me – it is going to be a beautiful “winter” day (clear and 80!).