Not Just a Spoonful of Sugar

A 20 oz bottle of soda contains 15 teaspoons of sugar!

So each time you take a swig of that Coke or Pepsi, imagine yourself eating sugar straight from a spoon.

Eliminate your daily 20 oz soda and lose 1 pound every 2 weeks! Not only will you lose weight, you lose the risk of many other health issues related to drinking sugary, carbonated beverages.

Soda: The Dark Side

If you have seen Star Wars as many times as my family has, then you are very familiar with the evil Chancellor Palpatine who appoints himself as Emperor, and then wins over Anakin Skywalker to the Dark Side. Thankfully, many years later, Luke Skywalker sees that there is still some good left in his father, Darth Vader, and saves him from the Dark Side. Unfortunately, soda , a very highly consumed beverage, is just like the Emperor- no good inside whatsoever. And if you think that diet soda is similar to Darth Vader- a dark outside, but really okay in the end- you are mistaken. Here are just a handful of studies that have come forth recently about the pitfalls of drinking soda- regular AND diet: