Log On Before Dining Out

Ahhh, the weekend! ‘Tis the time to dine out! If I open my menu when we go to a restaurant, my husband often makes a “why are you bothering?” remark. That is because he knows that I already got online and downloaded the menu. My purpose? I am looking for items that are the healthiest picks. I avoid anything fried, served in heavy sauces, and the like. I look for grilled, baked, or broiled lean proteins and find out what side items are available. Most chain restaurants offer you the nutritional information on their selections. I love Outback’s website. They offer a great interactive tool that allows you to choose different items and see the “end result” of your given meal. From the main course to dressings and toppings, you can get a clear idea of just how much you are consuming. If you take the extra time beforehand, you can make dining out a healthy and guiltless experience!