A Lesson Learned

When I completed my 10 miler a couple of weeks ago, I was pleased with how I felt during the run. The 24 hours following the run was when my body let me know just how hard it had worked. That evening I rubbed down my aching calves with some Tiger Balm. The next day I suffered from a mild headache. The suspected culprit? Not enough water. Even tough I drank more water than normal after the run, I realized it probably wasn’t enough.

My sister-in-law and I decided to meet up again Friday for the same run. I began guzzling water Thursday evening. On Friday morning, I drank about 3 cups of water and then stopped about 2 hours before our run (for obvious reasons 🙂 ) I continued to drink water throughout the rest of the day. I didn’t suffer from sore calves and there was no headache this time. I’m thankful that my body let’s me know when things are a bit off, and I’m glad my suspicion was a simple solution!